Background of Street Food

Street food can be traced way back into the history of the Ghanaian culture. It is embedded in our past and still lives in our present day to day life. In Ghana and Africa as a whole, street food is one of the biggest, most loved, most patronised, yet most unstructured food service environment. The culture of street life and street food is one that is very familiar in Ghana and most developing nations. In one way or the other every adult, politician, corporate worker, labourer, civilized and uncivilized Ghanaian has experienced the life on the street and has his/her favorite street food.

Street foods are not associated with only developing countries. Well developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway and many others all supports the operation of street food. In Ghana, street food is highly patronized, be it main meals (waakye, red red, fufu, kenkey and fish); grills (grilled tilapia, shito loo, khebab, domedo); or pastries such as doughnuts popularly known as bofloat, atsomo, pie etc). The sale of street foods has provided employment to thousands of Ghanaians. However, one will agree that most of these food vendors operate in unhygienic environment which makes it quite a difficult for some people to patronize.

The Ghana Street Food Festival aims to:

  • Educate street vendors on the importance of keeping hygienic street food environment.
  • Reintroduce our local street food/snacks that are no longer popular on the street.
  • Give the Ghanaian public and opportunity to enjoy their favorite street food in a clean and healthier environment.

Some local Street Foods In Ghana

Waakye (rice and beans); red red (beans with palm oil and riped fried plantain); kenkey with fried fish, shito loo or grilled tilapia; fried pork popularly called “domedo”; tuo zaafi; fufu, fried yam with meat, fish, chicken; akple, yaka yaka, aboboi, banku, face the wall made from dried cassava powder, apapransa and many more. We also have our favorite childhood treats like “ nkati3 cake” (groundnutcake), “agblikalko with akooshi” (cassava cake with coconut), bofloat (doughnuts/ Beth loaf),roasted plantain, kelewele (spicy fried ripe plantain), adunlee, condensed milk toffee, coconut milk toffee, Abelewas Ice Cream (locally made ice cream in a cup with a stick) etc. Not forgetting our local drinks such as sobolo,made from bissap fruit juices, asaana, pito, palm wine (tabbed from the palm tree) etc.

Event’s Profile

The Ghana Street Food Festival aims to be a major event that will be organized once a year. The maiden edition of the festival is designed to showcase a variety of both traditional, African and international street foods. It will be a two fun-filled days of authentic street food tastes, socializing and entertainments. The event focus will be on street food offerings locally and globally. However, the festival will showcase a variety of drinks, locally made arts and items that promote our African Heritage; food and hygiene related products, fun-filled activities such as music, fun games, and competitions.

Aside the food and fun, this festival will connect food vendors to financial companies that can help them grow their business. Free talks on food hygiene and safety will be presented to all participants by professional health, food and safety personnel. Also, there will be free eye screening for all food vendors. This special event is expected to attract over 2,000 people from different social backgrounds per day. It aims to be the festival that takes people down their memory lane. Bringing back favorite childhood and youthful day’s memories of eating from the street with friends and family, promoting our culture of togetherness. The Ghana Street Food Festival will be very exciting and the latest addition to Accra fun events that promotes good health and tourism.

Objectives of the festival

  • Providing the largest range of both Ghanaian and International street food on one single platform/street.
  • Bringing back favorite childhood and youthful day memories of eating from the street with friends and family.
  • Bringing together different cultures and different social backgrounds under one umbrella.
  • Supporting local street food vendors and educating them on better food hygiene practices.
  • Promoting tourism and our national culture.
  • Business and marketing opportunities.
  • Social connections and networking.

Highlights Of The Event

  • Showcase of local foods, snacks, arts, products.
  • Talks Health, Safety and Business Growth
  • Free eye screening.
  • Children’s cooking class
  • Street Night life : (night street food and Jam’s)

Future Plans For The Promotion of Healthy Street Food Environment

  • To develop the event into a project: SHBS intends to develop the promotion of healthy street food environment into a project. We are at the moment speaking with sponsors and governmental agencies to support us grow the festival into an ongoing project.
  • To organize this festival annually: Our aim is to make the event an annual event.
  • To extend the festival to other regions of Ghana: it is our wish to organize the event in other regions of Ghana. We hope to start with the Ashanti Region next year.

Partnership with us


The Ghana Street Food Festival is:

  • The first in an annual series that will grow from year to year.
  • The first of its kind being held in Ghana where street food vendors are brought together under one canopy.
  • Tied to many positive attributes including the promotion of our culture; local foods/drinks and promoting hygienic street food environment.
  • Has the potential to grow into a national project of educating street food vendors.
  • The festival will reach over 5000 persons and more than 10,000 eyeballs and listeners during the entire promotion period online, print and broadcast media.

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