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Then the Caliph and Ja'afar disguised themselves and went privily to visit Ala al-Din; but he knew them and rising to them kissed the hands of the Caliph, who looked at him and saw signs of sorrow in his face. So he said to him, "O Al-Din, whence cometh this sorrow wherein I see thee? " He replied, "O Commander of the Faithful, what befitteth the lord befitteth not the thrall. " So the Caliph went in,--And Shahrazad perceived the dawn of day and ceased to say her permitted say. " So the Caliph bade carry her back to the Harim and saying to Ala Al-Din, "Do not absent thyself from us," returned to his palace.

So arch-thief Ahmad Kamakin waited till midnight, when Canopus shone bright, and all creatures to sleep were dight whilst the Creator veiled them with the veil of night. Then he took his drawn sword in his right and his grappling hook in his left and, repairing to the Caliph's sitting-saloon planted his scaling ladder and cast his grapnel on to the side of the terrace-roof; then, raising the trap-door, let himself down into the saloon, where he found the eunuchs asleep. He drugged them with hemp-fumes;[FN#93] and, taking the Caliph's dress; dagger, rosary, kerchief, signet-ring and the lanthorn whereupon were the pearls, returned whence he came and betook himself to the house of Ala al-Din, who had that night celebrated his wedding festivities with Jessamine and had gone in unto her and gotten her with child.

Thus far concerning her; but as regards Ala al-Din he donned mourning dress and declined the Divan, abiding tearful-eyed and heavy-hearted at home. " "I hear and I obey," replied Ja'afar. '" When the Caliph had made an end of condoling with him, he charged him not to absent himself from the Divan and returned to his palace. " So presently he carried him into his serraglio and calling a slave-girl named Kút al-Kulúb, said to her, "Ala al-Din had a wife called Zubaydah, him and solace him of cark and care; but she of Almighty Allah, and now I would have thee the lute,"--And Shahrazad perceived the dawn saying her permitted say.

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