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By Manfred Krifka, Austinlsaarbriicken

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7 The experiments he is referring to demonstrated that mental images can be scanned; that smaller mental images are harder to see; that when mental images are expanded, they Ann Thompson and John 0. Thompson 47 eventually overlow, and what they overflow from has a determinable shape: roughly elliptical; and finally, that images subtend a measurable visual angle, which at the point of overflow can be regarded as the angle of vision of the mind's eye (which turns out to be roughly 20"). The images the cognitive psychologist studies are not only memory images but images constructed by subjects according to instructions by the experimenter.

201-32. Sir Henry Wotton, Elements of architecture, 1624, ed. Frederick Hard [Folger Documents of Tudor and Stuart Civilization] (Charlottesville, 1968), pp. 109-10. See David Coffin, The Villa D'Este at Tivoli, pp. 22-3. S. Lewis, The Allegory of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition (Oxford, 1936), p. 331. See Coffin, The Villa D'Este at Tivoli, pp. 82-3. See Margaretta J. Darnall and Mark S. Weil, 'Il sacro bosco di Bomarzo', p. 15. Douglas Chambers, " 'Hortus Mertonensis": John Earle's garden poem of 1620', Journal of Garden History, 2 (1982), pp.

Accounts of it stress its terrace, from which one could certainly see over a formal garden. But what was revealed was a complex symbolic and architectural ensemble: statues, obelisks, cubes and so on. The central feature merits a quotation: In the center (az it wear) of this goodly Gardein, was theer placed, a very fayr Foountain, cast intoo an eight square, reared a four foot hy; from the midst whearof a Colum up set in shape of too Athlants joyned togeather a backhallf, the tone looking East, toother west: with theyr hands, uphollding a fayr foormed boll of a three foot over; from wheans sundry fine pipez, did lively distill continuall streamz intoo the receyt of the Foountayn.

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