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Indeed, for the problems considered, one can see that the similarity and the difference from the final system equations and approximate solution. We designed the chapter to be introductory. By considering simple examples, we have illustrated FEM and FDM are reasonable ways of estimating solutions. 5. Acknowledgments The author would like to thank the Food Processing Technology Division at the Georgia Tech Research Institute/Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory. 6. References Awrejcewicz, J.

Based on Figure 7, we observe that arm 9 reproduces adequately the structures observed in the  -v diagram for  > 80º. 55. 0. McClure-Griffiths et al. 0º. 5º. Kerr (1969) published latitude-velocity diagrams in which a bridge appears in the third quadrant toward positive velocities. Kerr (1969) also presented maps with this feature extending from  = -150º to -70º. Davies (1972) also interpreted this region as relating to the end of a spiral arm associated with high velocity clouds. 5 Co-rotation radius Since the first HI observations the existence of a hole was seen in its distribution in the Galaxy (Kerr 1969 and Burton & Gordon 1978).

5 kpc. The final values of these constants were obtained after some tests in order to reproduce the characteristics observed in the  -v diagrams for both HI and HII regions. 4 Fitting the spiral arm parameters In the next sub-section, the results of fitting the observed  -v diagrams for the HI will be presented. For each one, it is presented the estimate (Table 2) of the Xi2 obtained with models in comparison with the observed features as well as the same estimate with the ones obtained with a model of four arms and the superposition of 2+4 spiral arms.

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