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§1 confronted via the questions pointed out within the Preface i used to be caused to jot down this e-book at the assumption commonplace reader can have yes features. he'll most likely be accustomed to traditional debts of yes parts of arithmetic and with many so-called mathematical statements, a few of which (the theorems) he'll understand (either simply because he has himself studied and digested an evidence or simply because he accepts the authority of others) to be real, and others of which he'll understand (by an analogous token) to be fake. he'll however be all ears to and perturbed by means of a scarcity of readability in his personal brain about the options of facts and fact in arithmetic, although he'll in all likelihood think that during arithmetic those techniques have specified meanings widely comparable in outward positive factors to, but assorted from, these in way of life; and in addition that they're in accordance with standards diversified from the experimental ones utilized in technology. he'll concentrate on statements that are as but now not recognized to be both actual or fake (unsolved problems). particularly in all likelihood he'll be stunned and dismayed by means of the prospect that there are statements that are "definite" (in the experience of regarding no loose variables) and which however can by no means (strictly at the foundation of an agreed selection of axioms and an agreed proposal of facts) be both proved or disproved (refuted).

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In other words, he seeks clarification on just what logical apparatus lies behind mathematics, traditional or new. It so happens that most current thought is such as to unite the two 2 quests, in so far as it conjures up a picture of a common logical-mathematical basis for many formal theories; and one instance of such theories, namely set theory, as making an acceptable foundation for a very large portion of everyday mathematics. (On the other hand, I am not intent upon pressing this monolithic picture too far: be displaced.

Usually, this string will also be denoted by ~ . ) ; replacements There is no intention or expectation that a general string should, now or at any subsequent time, be endowed with any intuitive meaning. On the contrary, all subsequent interest focuses on two sorts of strings, called sentences and sets respectively, which will be carefully described by rules set out below, and which are the strings which may be helpfully endowed with some intuitive content: intuitively, sets represent (mathematical) objects, and sentences represent meaningful (but not necessarily true) assertions about such 21 objects.

It is thus natural to handle sets intuitively as long as this seems both fruitful and legitimate. 10). Thus forced into attempting some sort of formalisation, one will want sets and everything to do with them to be incorporated into some scheme at least as rigorous and coherent as the portions of mathematics which preceded set theory and which are to be refounded on set theory as a basis. This entails the expectation that sentences will be formed which involve reference to sets; and that one expects to handle and derive (or prove) sentences in much the same way as prevailed in mathematics before the concept of set was imported and gained currency.

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