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Some Sumerograms prefixed (much less commonly suffixed) to nouns are determinatives. 51 (p. 40. , URUNerik ‘the city Nerik’, ḫaraš MUŠEN ‘eagle’). , ‘man of the spear’) (not LÚ ‘spear belonging to the male class’). In the last two cases the virtually consistent retention of the Akkadian genitive ending - on the second noun betrays its function in Akkadian as a genitive. 41. Proper names regularly bear determinatives. , river names (and names of river deities) have prefixed , names of springs and spring deities have prefixed  (or ), city 32.

Since this is not a history textbook, we will use only approximate dates when it becomes necessary to identify a period of Hittite history. 6. But Hecker (1992 and 1996) argues that the Hittites borrowed an atypical form of cuneiform known in the Old Assyrian milieu. Klinger (1998) also discusses the question of who taught the Hittites to write. For the latest discussion of the problem see Rubio 2006. 7. For general treatments of the subject of writing systems in the ancient Near East see Hawkins 1979, 1986; Morpurgo Davies 1986.

21). 16. Some cuneiform signs have more than one phonetic value, that is, they are polyphonous. 18 Signs of the types VC and CVC do not indicate whether the final stop is voiced or voiceless (b or p, d or t, g or k). For example, the sign  can be read ab or ap,  as id or it,  as ug or uk. 86, pp. 35–36). Nevertheless, when transcribing syllabically-written Hittite words, Hittitologists normally transliterate the obstruent according to the value of the cuneiform sign most favored by the tradition of Hittitologists.

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