A Laboratory Course in C++ Data Structures by James Roberge PDF

By James Roberge

ISBN-10: 0763719765

ISBN-13: 9780763719760

Regardless of a couple of mistakes, while one starts to appreciate the circulate of this laboratory guide it makes for great pedagological development.

I have used it in a school room surroundings with so much passable effects for the scholars.

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Test Plan for the Operations in the Point List ADT Test Case Commands Expected Result Append a series of points + + + + 2 4 6 8 (1,2) (3,4) (5,6) (7,8) Iterate from the beginning < N N (1,2) (3,4) (5,6) (7,8) Iterate from the end > P P (1,2) (3,4) (5,6) (7,8) Display the point marked by the cursor @ (3,4) Clear the list C Empty list 1 3 5 7 Note: The point marked by the cursor is shown in bold. Checked Point List ADT | 35 Laboratory 2: In-lab Exercise 1 Name __________________________________________ Date _______________________ Section _________________________________________ As we noted in the Overview, point lists are commonly used in computer graphics to represent curves.

In this laboratory, you explore lists in which each data item is a two-dimensional point, or (x, y) pair. We refer to this type of list as a point list. Point lists are routinely used in computer graphics, computer-aided design (CAD), and computer modeling to represent lines, curves, edges, and so forth. ), and iterate through the points in a list. List iteration is the process of moving through a list, processing each data item in turn. Iteration is done using a cursor that you move through the list much as you move the cursor in a text editor or word processor.

16 | Laboratory 1 Test Plan for Test 4 (overloaded functions) Test Case Expected Result Construct a logbook for the current month Number of days in the current month: Record an entry for today Day on which entry is made: Checked Logbook ADT | 17 Laboratory 1: In-lab Exercise 3 Name __________________________________________ Date _______________________ Section _________________________________________ C++ allows you to create operators that share the name of one of C++’s predefined operators, a process referred to as operator overloading.

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