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By Terje Mathiassen

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With the above considerations in mind, I embark on a study of Japanese turntaking by employing SSJ as a starting point for an analysis of the basic operations involved in turn construction and allocation. The main aim of this chapter is to basic organization of turn-taking 33 verify whether there is a mustering of the available interactive resources in Japanese towards the implementation of the rudimentary turn-taking operations identified in the model. On the other hand, Chapters 3–6 will examine closely the salience of the locally available syntactic and other socio-linguistic resources on turn-taking practices.

The researcher, qua member of a culture, operates to a degree under similar restrictions. Cross-cultural CA work, however, involves a deliberate attempt to bring into relief—through the sheer force of comparison—the relative contours of these very expectancies, thereby rendering mundane conduct more readily discernible and hence accessible for examination. In this sense, cross-cultural analysis promises to be not only a powerful method for the co-investigation of different cultures, but also a way to heighten sensitivity to aspects of one’s own culture which may elude a mono-cultural analysis.

The aim here is simply to see if the interplay of various communicative practices are directed towards turn-taking ends, and for projectability in particular. Even a preliminary analysis of how projectability may actually be accomplished must await an in-depth examination of the structure of Japanese turns in Chapters 4 and 5. For illustration, consider the following sequence involving an exchange of turns with no gap or overlap. To exclude possible gestural and visual resources, the excerpt has been selected from a telephone conversation.

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