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By Allen Greenfield

Having spent the day musing over the origins of the modern
witchcraft, I had a shiny dream. It appeared to be a chilly January
afternoon, and Aleister Crowley was once having Gerald Gardner over
to tea. It was once 1945, and speak of an early finish to the battle was
in the air. an environment of optimism prevailed within the "free
world" , however the wheezing outdated magus used to be having none of it.
"Nobody is attracted to magick any more!" Crowley ejaculated.
"My associates at the Continent are lifeless or in exile, or grown old;
the move in the USA is in shambles. i have noticeable my best
candidates flip opposed to me....Achad, Regardie -- even that
gentleman out in California, what is - his - identify, AMORC, the
one that made the entire money.."

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Carter's works are best read not as independent texts, but as part of an ongoing process of writing. Whilst to some degree this may be true of any author, it is especially true of Carter. In the chapters that follow, although I have tried to respect the independence of each text, the emphasis is upon how each of the novels is related to the other works. Although many valuable insights are to be gained from a chronological consideration of her work, there is also a strong cyclical dimension to her oeuvre.

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Blood and pus may coexist in the American Gothic, but they are distinct. The subsequent issue in American Gothic is the incorporation of a Janus configuration of reality into a worldview which is not in itself disabling. Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter, for example, opens by acknowledging that the founders of Boston needed a cemetery and a prison. The issue is to find a worldview in which idealism is Euro-American Gothic and the 1960s 43 not threatened by the presence of death and transgression.

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