Reynold Feldman's A World Treasury of Folk Wisdom PDF

By Reynold Feldman

ISBN-10: 0062503197

ISBN-13: 9780062503190

An anthology of people sayings and proverbs from all over the world, prepared in a hundred alphabetized different types for simple reference. This treasury of proverbial knowledge makes a great present booklet and a convenient reference for audio system and writers.

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Now that the Circular Orders of the Propaganda Ministry concerning the Olympics have been identified,2 the degree of influence that could be taken under dictatorial conditions become highly visible (Bohrmann, 1993). Can there be free sport in an unfree society? Today, there is a commodification of information in a market society; at that time the government coerced German journalists to report what they were told. If you did not cooperate as a German journalist you lost your job – if not worse.

Under these conditions I would get half of my book printed by a decent publisher. Maybe 27-year-old PhDs should shy away from questioning the wisdom of an agent of the federal government; but I did not only think that it was a scandal. I also recognized the name of the expert who wanted to perpetuate Nazi propaganda about how well the German sport authorities organized the Games in the true spirit of Olympism, when, in reality it was the Nazi government that had its way in staging a gigantic propaganda show.

Contextualization is vulnerable to ‘losing touch with the dramatological’, that is, the various ‘ritualistic and theatrical features which contribute to the charisma, aura and popular attraction’ of the event (Roche, 2000, pp. 12, 20) and there is nothing inherent in Marwick’s model to ameliorate this tendency. Guttmann (1992) and Senn (1999) ignore the dramatological. Guttmann’s brief discussions of athletic performances capture some of the spectacle nature of different games but, ironically, these accounts fail to contextualize the cultural practice of sport.

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