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The once a year booklet Acta Numerica has demonstrated itself because the best discussion board for the presentation of definitive experiences of present numerical research subject matters. The invited papers, by way of leaders of their respective fields, permit researchers and graduate scholars to quick grab contemporary traits and advancements during this box. Highlights of this year's quantity are articles on area decomposition, mesh adaption, pseudospectral tools, and neural networks.

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The Paley–Wiener space P W appears in the right-hand column. It is the counterpart in harmonic analysis of P W in the classical case (Sect. 1). Its reproducing kernel is found in item 4. Item 7. The reproducing equation is needed in the proof of Theorem 4. Item 8. The basis property of these characters is a well-known result [11, p. 45] and is a consequence of the orthogonality of the characters and the Stone– Weierstrass theorem. Item 9. In the left-hand column we find the sampling series of Theorem 4.

Z . / ˆ. x; /d m€ . / € Z . / € Z ! x; /d m€ . x; / d m€ . /; ! H /. Hence since H D H , . x m€ . / _ à h; / d m€ . h/ m€ . x h/: h2H t u The inverse Fourier transform . ˆ/_ has another representation. M. Dodson Lemma 6. For each x 2 G, . x; / '. x; /d m€ . /: 2ƒ Proof. Consider . x/ D . /ˆ. x; /d m€ . / D € Z X D D XZ ˆ. x; /d m€ . / ! '. x; /d m€ . / 2ƒ '. x; / d m€ . 8], [32, p. 26) Z X ! Z j'. x; /j d m€ . / D ‰. /d m€ . / < 1: 2ƒ Hence . x/ D XZ '. x; /d m€ . x; 2ƒ '. x; 0 /d m€ . 0 / C Z / C '.

J. Approx. Theory 160, 281–303 (2009) 4. : Sampling of bandlimited functions on unions of shifted lattices. J. Fourier Anal. Appl. 8, 43–58 (2002) 5. , Construction of sampling theorems for unions of shifted lattices. Sampl. Theory Signal Image Process. 5, 297–319 (2006) 6. : Summation formulas and band-limited signals. Tohôku Math. J. 24, 121–125 (1972) 7. : On the error in reconstructing a non-bandlimited function by means of the bandpass sampling theorem. J. Math. Anal. Appl. 18, 75–84 (1967); Erratum, J.

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