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By Mena Lafkioui

ISBN-10: 3110292327

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The amount provides the state-of-the-art in learn on African kinds of Arabic. major students from all over the world deal with themes facing language touch, the advance of Arabic-based pidgins and creoles, synchronic language version and diachronic language reconstruction.

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3b) In Baggara Arabic verbal roots with C3=y elide the final vowel in the prefixed conjugation (ex. 43 a-miʃ ‘go’) but, like in Kadugli Arabic, this west- 36 Stefano Manfredi ern Sudanic morphological trait is affected by dialect levelling towards the Sudanese urban koiné (ex. 44 ta-mʃi ‘you go’). 5b) (44) ta-mʃi wala ta-dʒi ? 4b) As a final remark, the Baggara dialect of Kordofan is characterized by the co-occurrence of two etymologically unrelated possessive markers. F hīl, PL hilēl), which is instead found in Bedouin dialects of eastern Sudan (Reichmuth 1983: 111– 112).

Although it is true that a certain amount of morphological generalization is the rule, differently from Arabic-based pidgins and creoles, verbal inflection and derivation are largely preserved. Likewise, non-native Arabic generally retains two series of personal pronouns (independent and bound), and a certain amount of Arabic plural patterns. The study on non-native varieties of Arabic gives evidence of the direct relation between the different socio-economic contexts of language contact and their linguistic outcomes.

7–46. Cairo: Arab Development Center. 2004 Variation and change in Arabic urban vernaculars. In Approaches to Arabic Dialects: Collection of Articles presented to Manfred Woidich on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday. ), 177–206. Amsterdam: Brill. 2006 Lingua Franca. In Encyclopaedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, Vol. ), 58–64. Amsterdam: Brill. 2007 Arabic urban vernaculars: development and change. Arabic in the City. ), 1–30. London: Routledge. Miller, Catherine, and Al-Amin Abu Manga 1992 Language Change and National Integration.

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