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The formulation of (1.3), (1.4), (1.5),(1.6) are all wrong!

Can't think it, 4 formulation in first web page are all have mistakes. might be the writer fell so sleepy whilst he is scripting this publication!

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5 Induction 1. Let P (k) = TRUE denote that a property holds for the value of k. Also assume that P(0) does not hold so P(0) = FALSE. Let S be the set that From the well-ordering principle it is true that if S is not empty then S has a smallest member. Let j be such a member: 2. Prove that P(j) implies P(j-1) and this will lead to a contradiction since P(0) is FALSE and j was assumed to be minimal so that S must be empty. This implies the property does not hold for any positive integer k. 1 for a demonstration of infinite descent.

Xn) of n variables can be written as for some functions g and h of n - 1 boolean variables. 4. 4 Graphs and Trees This section presents some fundamental definitions and properties of graphs. 5. 10 The degree of a vertex (also referred to as a node), in a graph, is the number of edges containing the vertex. 5 v1 and v2 are neighbors but v1 and v3 are not neighbors. 12 If G = (V1, E1) is a graph, then H = (V2, E2) is a subgraph of G written if and . 6. 5 The subgraph is generated from the original graph by the deletion of a single edge (v2, v3).

7. For this case let us assume that the addition/subtraction operation has been set up as a pipeline. The first statement in the pseudo-code will cause the inputs x and 3 to be input to the pipeline for subtraction. After the first stage of the pipeline is complete, however, the next operation is unknown. In this case, the result of the first statement must be established. To determine the next operation the first operation must be allowed to proceed through the pipe. After its completion the next operation will be determined.

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