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American Indians within the U.S КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Greenhill Books Серия: The G.I. sequence - The Illustrated background of the yankee Soldier Автор: John P. Langellier Название: American Indians within the U.S. militia, 1866-1945 Язык: English Год издания: 2000 Количество страниц: seventy four ISBN: 1-85367-408-7 Формат: pdf Размер: 12.32 Мб eighty five

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7 In the late 1920s, as a graduate student, Steward had spent weeks at a time during two summers doing fieldwork with Paiute Indians. That research took him back to the region where he had attended boarding school, in eastern California. 8 Following standard procedure for the time, he sought out elders to question about their way of life in the nineteenth century, at the point just before conquest and settlement by Americans. Many changes, ecological and cultural, took place in the aftermath of struggles with American soldiers and settlers in the 1860s.

Each canvas bag held about two gallons and could be hung over a window. The rush of hot air over damp canvas caused evaporation, cooling the air as it entered the car. At night in the desert the blistering daytime heat gave way to cold as temperatures fell by thirty or even forty degrees. The bedroll that Julian had made—a large, thick quilt filled with ten pounds of wool batting and covered with flannel—would keep them warm during the nights. Since it was so bulky, and the car trunk so small, he wrapped it in a canvas tarp and fastened it to the front bumper when they traveled.

This spared him the trouble and expense of hiring an interpreter, and direct communication was almost always preferable. But because most Paiute and Shoshone elders had not learned English early in life, unlike their children, even those who spoke English did not necessarily speak fluently or pronounce words as he did. 13 Julian and Jane spent the night at a nearby auto camp, a public campground for motorists in Death Valley. Tourism had grown in the valley, in part because of proximity to Los Angeles and improved roads.

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