Signature Hospitality And Business Services (SHBS)

SHBS is a hospitality and management consulting company which provides a one-stop hospitality and business solutions platform to business owners, investors, hospitality companies and the general public. The company’s focus is to assist small to medium scale investors and businessmen in the daily operations and management of their companies. We also assist individuals with their private and family events

Our expertise

  • Hospitality and Hotel Management
  • Services Management
  • Business Development
  • Marketing and Sales Solutions
  • Events Management and Wedding Planning.

At SHBS, we are dynamic in our service offerings. We tailor make our services to suit the client's needs. Be it a total package or just an advice, we are ready to assist.

Our Services

Our Core Values:

Customized Service : We are flexible. We tailor our services according to the clients’ needs.
Unlimited Support : Our team is always available to help. Anytime, anywhere.
Exceptional Results : We leave behind our signature after each service.

These three things are very important to us and it guides us on how to organize, develop and deliver our services in order to succeed as a company.

Our Team

The Signature Team consists of well-trained professionals with not less than ten years in the hospitality, management and service. Each team member has profound international/local knowledge and is an expert in his/her field of service. Also, all team members have worked in senior managerial positions in highly reputable companies locally and globally.