Signature Training & Entrepreneurial Program (STEP), Ghana


We believe everyone when given a chance may excel in his or her career. The difference between most successful and unsuccessful people is opportunity and guidance. Most often the youth lack guidance when making certain decisions that may affect them for life. This may be due to many factors such as: family issues, personal challenges, financial issues, misplaced priorities etc.At Signature Hospitality and Business Services, our aim is to bridge this gap by introducing the young adult to professionals in their line of career that will positively influence their life.


STEP mission is to connect and support one-to-one mentoring association of the aspiring youth in Ghana with corporate bodies and individuals in their field of interest who will provide continuous support, guidance and groom them on individual basis towards their career and personal development.

Target Group

The target groups for this program are the youth and young adults within the age of 18- 27 years, young entrepreneurs (skilled and vocational/technical, university students and recent graduates. The uniqueness of this program is that STEP does not focus only on the highly educated youth but also vocational and technical personnel who are ambitious and ready to develop their career. A special attention will also be given to young women entrepreneurs who need guidance.


STEP is an initiative towards the development of our youth and young adults into responsible adults. The program will focus on both the social and career development of the individual on one-to-one basis through professional mentorship and capacity development programs.
STEP’s goal is to:

  • Develop a pool of talents and network
  • Enhance professional relationships
  • Exposure to business ethics
  • Individual capacity building and knowledge transfer
  • Career guidance
  • Practical training and internship
    Benefits of The Program To Society, Ghana and The Global Community
  • Developing potential talents into skilled professionals.
  • Bringing up a more responsible and career focused generation.
  • Minimizing the concept of travelling outside in order to succeed
  • Reducing illegal migrations.
  • Incremental contribution to the development of a more stable and developed economy.
  • Responsible and hardworking citizens will help alleviate poverty in Ghana.